Introducing QI Logistics – Your Partner for Seamless Shipping Solutions

We are excited to introduce ourselves as the QI Logistics Team! Our innovative and professional approach to customs clearing and freight forwarding has earned us a solid reputation in the industry.

Our team comprises highly trained and motivated professionals with over 300 years of collective experience in import and export, customs clearing, and forwarding. We believe that experience is key in this business, and our team’s knowledge and expertise allow us to accommodate all your shipping requirements with ease.

At QI Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding personal service to our clients. In today’s fast-paced and impersonal business world, we’ve made it our mission to offer tailored logistical solutions that meet your specific needs, on a door-to-door basis.

As a small company, we’re able to offer our clients the personalised attention they deserve. But we’re also large enough to negotiate the best possible rates available. We observe, listen, and recommend logistics solutions that fulfill our client’s objectives.

We’re committed to using technology, cash resources, and systems to survive in this business. But more importantly, we’re committed to offering you, our client, simply a superior service. At QI Logistics, our partnerships with clients are built on trust, communication, and excellent service.

We look forward to partnering with you and offering you a seamless and hassle-free experience for all your customs clearing and freight forwarding needs.


Best regards,

The QI Logistics Team