COVID-19 Outbreak in major Chinese cities

Many cities in China are experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 at the moment. The source of this outbreak is mainly in Hong Kong. 

Many airlines cancelled flights ex-HKG. The epidemic situation is also grim in Hong Kong’s neighbouring cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou. As of 24:00 on March13, 2022, a total of 4714 COVID-19 positive infections have been reported in Guangzhou. NAT testing staffs are busy working

All rail transit lines in Guangzhou and Shenzhen are out of service to control the spread of the epidemic.

In Shanghai, the epidemic began to enter the outbreak since last week. Many communities are locked down due close contact or second-tier close contact. No one will be permitted to leave the community until all the testing has been carried out and the test result is negative.


Many schools are forced to close-loop management because of COVID-19 close contact. Children are deprived of proper childhood and school life. In addition, the situation of northern cities is also grim. Qingdao is facing lockdown due to the increase in diagnosis of COVID-19. Many industrial parks have been closed due close-loop management, thus many cargos are blocked in-side. 

It is difficult, however, to predict how long this
process will take. We just pray for recovery.