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Customs Clearing

A fully computerized system for customs clearance procedures is operated by skilled personnel, providing accurate and precise entries. This system offers a tariff library of product information for each customer, and reports can be provided on shipment statistics to assist with inventory control and the planning of future orders.

We are committed to providing our clients with a service that compliments our international transportation services, by assessing each client's individual requirements and adapting our services accordingly to maintain a high level of service excellence.

Our pro-active approach in the customs tariffing area allows our clients to obtain substantial benefits which many other importers may not be receiving.

Quad International provides expert consultation on the following customs procedures/ requirements:-

  • Harmonised tariff classification
  • Applications for customs rulings,
  • Refunds and drawbacks of duty
  • Import permit applications
  • Board of trade representations on behalf of clients
  • Accreditation
  • Landed and Pre-Costing services
  • Estimations for all freight enquiries
  • Complete Freight Audits

    Exports: Air & Sea

    International trade has changed substantially since man first began to barter on a quid pro quo basis but the risks have remained intact. Sorting out cross border misunderstandings or international disputes can become a rather expensive exercise!

    The importance we place on our export services is reflected in our dedicated staff, who will handle all your export needs efficiently and promptly.

    Quad International boasts expertise in all methods of transportation on a door to door service and ensures that documentation is expedited timeously so that the consignee is not left with uncleared goods, which could lead to undue storage/ demurrage charges.

    The safe routing of our clients cargo is of utmost importance to us. We therefore only utilise reliable carriers and sub-contractors who compliment our shipping and air services with their trucking, rigging and warehouse facilities.

    Additional services offered include:
  • Professional advice on carriers
  • Freight rates
  • Route selection
  • Sea, air, rail, road and harbour tariffs, as well as current
        regulations, customs matters and costings
  • Arranging the pre export inspection and obtain the certificate - if
  • Professional packaging to comply with international packing
  • Fumigation of wood (crating) as set out by international standards
  • Marine insurance (if required)
  • All Bank Forms
  • Assistance in obtaining Export Permits (where necessary)
  • Expediting the export clearance (Export Bill of Entry)
  • Obtaining Consular Invoices for the countries calling for such
  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • Veterinary releases
  • Completion of transport Documentation (air/road/rail/sea)
  • Delivering the completed documentation to the shipper
  • Consolidation of cargo
  • Storage / warehousing

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